+70 Quotes About Life Very Short

Quotes About Life Very Short. In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. Life is too short to hide your feelings so don’t be afraid to say exactly how you feel.

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Deep, but short quotes about life: Every big thing had a small beginning. “my life is my message.”.

Inspirational Life Is Short Quotes

Life is short, and truth works far and lives long: We should only trust them to show their impact. It is often said that happiness comes in little packets.

Do It Well, No Matter What You Do.

Life is very short quotes. 25 life is short quotes that will help you savor every moment 1. Check out these life is very short quotes.

Then Go To The Next.

“fall seven times and stand up eight.” ~ japanese proverb. Life is a preparation for the future; “with will, one can achieve anything.” ~ unknown.

Life Is Too Short To Hide Your Feelings So Don’t Be Afraid To Say Exactly How You Feel.

100 inspirational quotes very short to uplift you. Commit to one and give it your 100%. A lion doesn’t lose sleep over a sheep’s opinion.

Very Short Quotes About Life And Inspiration.

“never regret anything that made you smile.”. A superbly executed joke, stated at a proper time and at a proper place, can change a clumsy scenario into a cushty one like all very short funny quotes about life. “live honestly to a higher note.

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